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Fission is Exothermic and gives off an abundance of energy. Fusion reactions have a net result that is slightly endothermic; therefore, its reaction does not give off an excess of energy as generally expected but Consumes Energy.

Part of the fusion process is exothermic but the net result of energy consumed to energy produced is slightly endothermic; therefore, its reaction does not give off an excess of energy as generally expected. The light and energy that is given off at the point of fusion is also figured in the equations of radiation and consumption. Think of the billions spent on the pursuit of fusion being exothermic (producing energy as a net result for use on the planet. It is no wonder that in 25 years of experimentation the production of exothermic energy from fusion has failed.)

Black holes are collectors of everything including other black holes. Super magnetism occurs when molecular activity is compressed to quantum levels. This compounded energy is released as multiples of magnetic attraction.

High energy super massive black holes have very pronounced magnetic fields. The pulsar emanations are at the apex of the poles.

Suns energies are close to a balance or they would more rapidly die. Much more energy and matter is taken in by a sun than realized. The Kuiper Belt, The Oort Cloud, are the two biggest contributors containing over 40% of our solar system.

The fission and fusion of hydrogen and helium on the suns surface need to be in balance to their size. If the amount of these gasses are insufficient to cover the suns surface area with the fission that is necessary for the compression and heat needed for fusion below to helium and other elements these reactions stop. The tremendous heat and pressure of the fission on the surface causes the fusion in the underlying layer. If the fission on the surface is not of sufficient density to cause the necessary heat and compression for the fusion below the surface this fusion stops. When this happens the stars elements stabilize and much of everything stops.

The butterfly nebula demonstrates two black holes coming together. Spectacular when they collide the bright centers of these structures are caused by the stars being strewn out and pulled into the black hole. The material from these stars would burn out when strung out in this fashion without the stars gravity and fusion process but the rapid acceleration of the particles of the star being drawn into the black hole is accentuated by the near light speed of the particles accelerating into the black hole. Since the stars life is comparatively short as it joins the black hole, the fusion refueling process of the star is not needed. A normal midsize star as our own has a life span of about 10 billion years solely because of the fusion process in the recombining the hydrogen created in the process of fission back into helium in the process of fusion and becoming once again the fuel of fission. This revolving cycle gives the sun its lifespan. As two black holes are propelled toward each other, they form a shock wave looking pattern in front of them. This appearance is deceiving however because the anomaly of this appearance is caused by matter streaming in around the event horizon of the black hole and it is the acceleration and combining processes of the black hole. This is instead of being a preceding shock wave as it appears. All material including the material of stars that stream into black holes is drawn out of the stars therefore making the stars luminous volume appear 1000 fold that of its normal size. The gravity from the black hole on the outer reaches of the star is greater than that on that of the core mass of the star because of their enormous size the distances to their centers and that relationship can not be compared to smaller objects. For example, the gravity between the earth and its moon is in a ratio between the distances of their centers for calculation purposes. The earth and the moon are about 238,866 miles apart their surface-to-surface distance and their core-to-core distance are only about 5,000 miles different or about 2% of their distances. The two black holes in the picture are tremendous in their size and only a fraction of that distance apart. Because of this, these relationships are virtually reversed. The distances between their centers and surfaces of influence is great and the differences between their surface of influence and their cores is 98% of their distances. In addition, these black holes do not have any centrifugal force involved to keep them apart as with the earth and moon. The gravitational pull of these black holes is many billions of times greater. Another example of this is the gravitational pull of a close black hole is greater on the gaseous surface of that star with little inertial resistance than the gravitational pull on that stars center with its great inertial resistance; therefore, that stars surface reacting gases are streamed into the black hole as a glowing mass and the black hole is obscured. This is an accelerating process since when the star looses mass to the black hole the stars remaining gravitational pull holding its mass together becomes less.
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