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1.      The suns chemical reactions are varied and I feel that they are somewhat different than generally accepted and I am in the process of detailing my theories and I will in time post them here.

2.       I feel the mass of the solar system is not 98% in the sun and 2% in the planets as greatly accepted. In my calculations the sun actually has only about 52% of the mass of our solar system and the planets about another 2%. The other 46% of the mass is divided between the .1% in the Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and 46% in the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud that take in the multitude of minor planets Pluto and beyond. Much of this 46% of the solar system in the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud, in time through material collisions will have a change of speed and for billions of years this mass has been and will be falling inward being collected by the inner objects in the solar system, the planets and the sun. The sun will collect ~95% of these objects. Some of this matter is hydrogen and helium that helps fuel the sun but all of his mass makes the inner planets and sun grow in size. This is why all of the planets are now moving closer to the sun since they are increasing in mass. Ordinarily if planets were captured by a gravitational center object like the sun a percentage of them would have an increasing orbital size and now none of the planets do. Another calculation is that Saturn Uranus and Neptune are in distance 9.5, 19.2 to 30.1 AU respectfully from the sun. This makes the Kuiper Belt and the Oort cloud influential on their orbit and mass calculations. If you were to draw a cone from these planets to the portion of the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud equaling 46% of the mass of the solar system that is closer than the sun to these planets the calculations of their mass changes because of the gravitational pull of this mass.

                       Sun to Oort Cloud  Shown are the known objects in the Kuiper belt again I feel this is less than 1% of them. Notice how about 27% of these objects are closer to Uranus and Neptune than the sun. These objects greatly affect the calculations of gravitational pull away from the sun and effect the calculated mass of these planets. This is why as you read further I have the solid mass calculated that I am sure is there. The Kuiper Belt as shown starts at 20 AU and goes to 50 AU The Oort cloud is from 100 to 1000 AU

a.       Collecting these objects will cause the sun to grow sufficiently in size so that the fission fusion reaction from the finite quantity of hydrogen and helium gases on the surface will become thin enough that it will not sustain the fission fusion reaction cycle. Without the surface coverage of these fission reactions the compaction of the gaseous materials below this reaction will diminish causing the fusion reactions to decrease except those toward the center creating iron. The sun has a lot of iron now but the production of more with the stability of iron will dead end some of the reaction processes. The lack of surface fission and its related compaction below will cause the materials on the sun to expand and with only gravity affecting these materials will allow the sun to expand and become a red giant. The other nuclear reactions that furnace the center also decrease because of compression differences from the lessioning fission reactions on the surface and the half life decay of some of these materials.

b.       The present thought that the sun runs out of fissionable hydrogen and fails to maintain its present energy balance I feel is false. The fusion fission reaction cycle is a continuous cycle. The rogue stars believed to be over 13.8 billion years old are still going because the contributing materials in orbit outside them is finite and therefore, not enough material has been contributing to their mass to make them grow in size beyond their surfaces hydrogen helium fission fusion reaction cycle. The sun is presently considered to be 92.1% hydrogen and 7.8% helium therefore all other elements comprise less than 0.3%. In my theory the sun is more than 13% Iron and heavier materials including Lanthanoids & Actinoids and they are in conditions toward the core of the sun that allow them to be in a more stable state. Endothermic fusion also happens deep inside the sun. When the smaller suns increase their iron content through the fusion process, they have their iron content increase. These extreme pressures and temperatures tend to stabilize these materials half-life's. Explained in more detail later. When a sun lacks sufficient fissionable hydrogen to cover it's surface for this compression it becomes a red giant. Then the internal nuclear reactions slow because the materials half lives cycle start counting down because of the lack of the stabilizing heat and pressure. The sun then looses much of its surface materials when a red giant so, it's remaining objects of heavy mass then implode to a white dwarf because of the lack of activity and heat. Eventually the half life process of this much smaller exposed central mass allows the white dwarf to literally go out.

c.       Our big bang came from the compaction of the mass of the hundreds of billions of Galaxies  compacted into Galactic sized Black Holes or GBH. These "GBH" black holes are composed of the mass of a galaxy. These  GBH's then collide with each other and when several hundred billion of these come together they finally compact the mass in the middle so that even quarks that pass through the spaces in normal black holes are stopped.  A big bang occurs when enough GBH's come together to compress the center so that the mass of the atoms in the middle are compacted to stop objects such as a quarks. This quark being 99.999% energy when stopped becomes mass according to Einstein. This new center mass objects by their volume creates a compressing outward ripple affect around it. This creates a growing ballooning type structure from this new mass.  In other words these new objects in the center then causes others around it to convert from energy to mass in a circle like an expanding balloon. These new central objects eventually return to energy as it compresses the mass throughout the Big Bang sized Black Hole or BBBH. This final expansion allows the center to eventually relax allowing the quarks and other energy particles to return to their stable energy state. The energy of gravity in this cycle also turns into mass and becomes part of the big bang. This affects time according to Einstein allowing the big bang expansion to occur faster than the speed of light. At the time of a Big Bang time is not a constant standing back and watching from our frame of reference a Star Trek warp 11 would appear to be happening. I believe controlling the force of gravity is the key to the time continuum; therefore, speed and even the speed of light is relative in a Big Bang. Time would literally stop during the the preliminary zero gravity stage of the Big Bang. Remember that black holes stars and other mass that was inbound toward the BBBH and close before it triggered would be consumed but inbound mass still out several millions light years would trigger normal reactions within and stabilize the now expanding BB material. Also remember even now we still have material going the wrong way in our expanding universe and stars that calculate as being older than our present big bang.  

d.      These Quarks may go through a mass cycle that causes them to become the illusive Higgs particle that expands like an expanding balloon. This stopping of a particle like a quark happens only in a BBBH.

e.       A big bang is not an explosion as we know it. It is simply an instantly increasing ring from the center of a Big Bang sized Black Hole or BBBH. This growing object continues until it has expanded through most of the entire mass of the BBBH until the pressures toward the surface have made it increase to an object of thousands of light years in size so it becomes greater in diameter faster than our reference of the speed of light. This is a circumstance where speed, space and time are not functioning in a way we could calculate using our frame of referrence. When the big bang occurs there are still objects like stars and black holes that are inbound. These objects then are the seeds that start the processes of galaxies again as presumed by my computer model of XXXXXX to be illustrated.

3.      In our solar system all of the planets orbits are moving closer to the sun as time passes. This cannot be just by accident. Planets that are produced and captured to orbits by the sun should be about 50% captured in a way that their orbits would be expanding in size moving further away from the sun every year, the other about 50% would have orbits shrinking in size falling inward toward the sun. If in fact the mass of the sun is decreasing as others assume and therefore, having less gravitational pull most of the orbits of the planets would be after billions of years be increasing in size. If the mass of the sun is increasing its increased gravitational pull would be stronger causing the planets even the ones that had originally an increasing orbital size to then have smaller orbits eventually falling inward as is the case. Also the planets are receiving more mass every year from these outer regions. Equally important I agree the reactions creating the particles involved in the solar wind are decreasing the mass of the sun, however the net balance is an increase in mass caused by objects falling inward from the Asteroid belt, the Kuiper Belt and the Ort cloud. Remember I feel about 52% of the solar system still lies in these areas and is over billions of years inbound toward the sun. People tell me look at the distance of these objects. I tell them look at the time involved. This has been happening for the past 5 billion years and will happen for the next 5 billion years. Many of these objects are at a distance from the sun and at a point in space where the gravity between the objects has a strong enough influence to enhance these collisions. An object that is knocked outward at the same speed it was traveling or even more loses centrifugal rotational momentum and is also doomed to be inward bound.  

a.    Gaseous planets have a solid core that is nuclear and very hot. This heat causes layers just above the molten core to be a very hot low density layer that is hot enough and thin enough to cloak and disguise the density of the core. The atmosphere above this core and its extremely hot low density envelope is thick enough while being so far from the sun it receives very little solar heat radiation that it is insulated from our knowledge and would be relatively cold. However this extremely low density extremely hot layer just above the nuclear core and extending for several thousands of miles balances and offsets the cores density in calculations.  Also I believe orbital centrifugal calculations have to take into consideration the Kuiper Belts and Oort clouds mass in calculating their gravitational pull on these planets. Again close to 46% of our solar systems mass are in these outer layers and therefore 20%+ of the of the solar systems mass is closer to these planets outside their orbits than the sun is at the center of their orbit.   

4.       Our 13.8 billion year old big bang is just one of many such systems. Some of the stars that are older than our 13.8 billion year old universe and are unexplainable in our present thinking are explainable by their coming in as strays from one of the many other big bang cycles. Most of the other big bang cycles that contribute and affect our system epicenter are billions of years older than ours so their "GBH" are what is left and they are inbound toward the gravitational center of our Big Bang. Many of these GBH black holes are now within our system but the majority are incoming but still outside our 13.8 billion year old system. The gravitational pull from these objects that are outside our 13.7 billion year universe are causing our universe to expand outward ever faster toward them. These objects are far enough away that visible light would not have reached them; however, gravity is affecting them. The affects of gravity takes place between these objects moving towards each other even if these objects are far enough apart that light would not have had time to travel between them. Therefore gravity between two objects will allow them to affect each other even if their distances are greater than energy moving at the speed of light would allow them to affect each other. Therefore the affects of gravity takes place faster than the speed of light. Gravity is definitely not the weaker force as it is often described.

      The only items that truly have infinity are space and time. There are an infinite number of big bangs in space and most of the matter of one big bang is shared with others. The gravity of one big bang draws the materials from all the others in the area. Our big bang is now expanding more rapidly toward the gravitational epicenter of the neighboring big bangs. There are no logical mathematical or practical boundaries to space. I find the concept is easy to comprehend without boundaries. It is just the limitations of our minds that has to put a boundary on space and time.    

a.       The thought that our big bang developed from a point of singularity I feel is incorrect. Every BBBH comes from the accumulation of mass sufficient to stop the object like a quark. There would still be objects inbound at the time of the big bang. These objects if close enough would be consumed by the expanding mass and energy for instance within a 10 million light year ring. Objects inbound from outside that ring would still exist and be inbound. Anything close to that ring would be clobbered by the expanding mass.

b.       Big bangs are a very controlled uniform occurrence without irregularities in temperature like in a normal chemical explosion with hot spots and temperature variations. The conversion from energy to matter in this extremely rapid balloon like expansion would release energy especially when inside the ballooning conversion the matter would be reverting to energy. This exchanging process would be uniform and totally different than any other reaction. Light or other anomalies would not be omitted from a big bang because of the gravitational pull would be in quantum multiples of even a regular black hole until the Big Bang occurs. At the time of the Big Bang gravity and time stop; therefore, without gravitational energy and time as a reference the expansion until it becomes stable with the return of time and gravity are difficult to calculate until it is essentially over. This is why much more mass is distributed further from the big bangs epicenter than can be calculated using our normal frame of referrence.

c.        Big bangs are occurring at different intervals in the newly described much larger universe but are separated by a 30 billion light years distance or greater. Therefore our galaxies are accelerating away from the center of our last big bang toward the incoming "GBH" mass from other big bangs. This causes an exchange of mass between big bangs. By the time these objects arrive close to our proximity they are of an age that they are mainly galaxy size black holes "GBH's". Their numbers are great and their mass is of such immensity that they greatly affect the calculations of the mass in our system. This is the mistake and answers misteak of black energy.  Our galaxies will become part of and increase their acceleration toward other systems big bang epicenters. Their Galaxy size black holes are and will continue to come into the center of ours. In repetition for accentuation our mass will continue to increase acceleration into numerous surrounding other big bang systems and their mass is and will continue to be incoming to ours. When enough mass again arrives to cause a black hole of the accumulated size to stop a quark another Big Bang it will take place.

4.   Presently the theory is that black matter comprises much of the unknown mass of the universe. Actually much of that unaccounted for mass are black holes coming in from other big bangs in other words many are the accumulation of a galaxies mass from another universes big bangs. The 13% of stars that is not the hydrogen presently assumed but iron and heavier nuclear elements of the spectrum. This central core when of sufficient size is what starts the stars reactions of fission and fusion on thye surface.

4.5 The suns layers have a fusion fission reaction combination. For the cycle to last billions of years the hydrogen fission reaction gives off energy and the helium producing fusion reaction below this pressure and heat has a net consumption of energy. This conservation of energy cycle production and consumption would last almost indefinitely. The fission reaction on the surface of the sun compresses the gas below it and with its temperatures and pressures below this fission reaction combined with the forces of the enormous gravity from the suns mass cause the fusion to helium. Part of the heat for this reaction is from the nuclear internal furnace not presently fully appreciated in the equation. This fusion reaction is endothermic (consumes energy); therefore, the billions being spent on energy production from fusion, thinking it is exothermic (produces energy) I question. True the actual reaction of fusion gives off energy but it is less that the energy consumed to get the reaction to that point. I feel this is the reason 25+ years of research and experimentation has not produced the desired results. I am finishing some papers on my calculations and will post them on this website.


5.       Energy with a certain frequency is the answer to bending space and time. It is the controlling force of gravity. It is the key to bending space and time and; therefore, it is easy to appear to be traveling faster than the speed of light. The amount of energy needed to accomplish this is a manageable quantity and not the huge amounts speculated.  The frequencies involved in this process are of such a short cycle they are not presently obtainable. For instance the amount of energy to presently levitate a small object is immense because we are using an harmonic of the actual frequency.

6.   The planets with an iron core like Mars that had volcanoes and a hot liquid core like earth that are now dead and solid without the liquid core are believed to have become cooler just because of their smaller size and natural cooling. Actually they are cooler because of their original composition. When a planet is formed it is a composite of the objects that come together. The heavier chemicals like iron and elements in the radioactive spectrum wind up in the middle of the molten impact mass. In other words the heavier mass goes to the center of an object involved in a collisions that superheats the objects to a molten state. This heavier mass if it is sufficient to create a thermo nuclear furnace that churns to create the regulated heat that has kept this planet with a molten core for the last 5 billion years. I am doing the math to be inserted later that will show that this planet is not just cooling because of size over the past 5 billion years. I will show the math to support my claim that it takes the calculation of half life of the radioactive core to have these calculations time out correctly. The enormous size of these nuclear furnaces are controlled by a churning action that regulates the rate of reaction much like controlling the rods in a nuclear reactor. Mars for instance had a sufficient nuclear core that churned to create a regulated reaction. when much of this core reached its half life the churning of this core slows. At some point the controlling rod action churning the core slows and then the central mass becomes thicker. This churning action is a nuclear reaction controlling action. It controls like moving the rods in a reactor. The larger the thermonuclear core the more fluid and less viscous it becomes and the better it regulates itself.   I am positive that one of the areas on Mars that appears to have exploded was not a meteor crater but was a nuclear explosion and time will bear this out. Again when this slowing of the molten core happens the cores movements can not hold these reactions in check and then it will blow in a large explosive reaction. The rapid volatile churning of the core is like moving the rods in and out of a reactor. When the viscosity increases it is like having the rods stuck in one central position. If that position holds the nuclear mass tightly together the impending reaction is explosive. Mars had one of these dying core explosions that then terminated the molten core. The planet then looses its magnetic field, it atmosphere, its water, and shield from the solar wind. The smaller objects in the universe like small planets and moons do not capture a sufficient quantity of the denser nuclear incoming objects and therefore had no thermonuclear core.

     All planets that have had a molten core like earth, and including the earth, in time will pass through this stage and die. (loosing all surface life!)  

      Some planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus with their very large reactive cores and distances from the sun may outlast the sun present stage and exist with their magnetic fields into the suns red giant phase. All planets on the central magnetic plane with the sun have had strong molten cores and magnetic fields in the beginning. The ones with the strongest most fluid cores even today are the gas covered giants. These cores are large and so reactive and molten that there is no solid surface. The huge gaseous blankets of these giants hold the heat on the surface of the molten cores.  

7.   All of the larger objects in our solar systems have a much rapider rate of spin than ours. The Liquefied molten nuclear centers spin much faster than the surface gases. The suns surface as it appears to us spins at an average rate is rate of 24.6 days. The suns diameter is 109 earths; therefore, the surface rate of travel is about 3,699 km per hour or 2,119 mph. Jupiter's surface rotates in 0.41 days so its surface spins at 14,973 mph. The cores on the gas giants are a liquid molten center with no solid surfaces. I believe it will be determined that these very active cores have a very hot gaseous less dense insulating atmospheres just above. Then above that the atmospheres become cooler and more dense. Some of these higher layers are cool enough to become liquid and therefore, the activity of a more dense gas or even liquid atmospheres is free to become more violent because of the extreme temperatures below without a solid insulating surface. This makes both sides of these atmospheres virtually friction free. Since these atmospheres are so thick that the surfaces receive very little heat from the core. These planets are so far from the sun they receive very little surface heating. Imagine an atmosphere with a extremely hot internal heat source and a very cold exterior without any friction surfaces. No wonder the storms on Jupiter last for years with no friction from external temperature variations. Earth now has a magnetic vortex under the Atlantic ocean. The core on Jupiter I believe to be about the size and mass of 6 earths. This gives a very violent reacting core without a solid protecting crust layer like ours because the temperatures keep it all molten allowing a very violent reaction with the layer just above that remains in a gaseous state. With Jupiter's core and large gaseous and liquid portions this would mean the density of 1.33 now believed is short and should be (2.7g/cm3). This also justifies the very large magnetic field, 20 times earth's, around Jupiter. Saturn with a density of .69 has an atmosphere made of hydrogen helium and methane these light gasses make up for the assumed low density. However with Saturn's enormous magnetic field I believe it to have a core 9 times the size of earth with a density of (2.1g/cm3). The nuclear and iron core however are proportionately large causing the rapid spin and the enormous magnetic field. Uranus & Neptune has a cores of 5 & 1 earths respectively with magnetic fields of Uranus very large with its high nuclear percentage. On the other hand Neptune's core is smaller without much of the nuclear furnace who's half life is timing out. Neptune is also closer to the Kuiper Belt and the Ort cloud and therefore much of its acquired mass in the beginning lacked the heavier elements. I believe most of the mass in these areas lack iron and the heavier elements. The Ort cloud is in a random spherical ball showing no magnetic tendencies just influenced by gravitational pull. The outer planets spin rate has to do with the large size, volatility and actions of their nuclear cores. Once these cores half life's time out they are in the process of slowing down. If you take a nuclear core that is large enough so that it is hot enough to spin very actively it eliminates the cores solid portion and the gaseous portion is large enough with enough volume to be cold on top 5 to 30 (AU) from the sun. The large dense atmosphere above the core shields the heat of the core from the upper atmosphere so its lower temperature is deceiving. The specific gravity of Jupiter is 2.7 not 5.52 as it is on earth but definitely not the 1.33 as generally assumed. These gas giants with their large very hot nuclear reactive cores have a gaseous very low friction layer just above the cores that allows the cooler liquid layers to float above. Imagine an almost frictionless liquid and gaseous layer spinning just above the cores faster rate of spin. The different spin rates of these layers justifies the violent storms. Earth with its solid and cool liquid water surface has a more controlled minor atmosphere. The say the sun has a density of 1.410 but my calculations have it about 3.23 about 3 times the density. "Solar energy is created deep within the core of the Sun. It is here that the temperature (15,000,000 C; 27,000,000 F) and pressure (340 billion times Earth's air pressure at sea level) is so intense that nuclear reactions take place''*.. The first layer of the suns surface is hydrogen much in a extremely hot low density state, just below is of fission and fusion. The hydrogen being compressed below by the surface fission reaction temperatures pressures and gravity into helium takes in the next layered portion of the sun. When a sun explodes in a supernova it has a high percentage of Hydrogen Oxygen and water. All planets have been bombarded with an over abundance of these items. The core of the sun has iron and the radioactive heavy elements. The planets that are through chance and collisions large enough and comprised of a sufficient quantity of these heavy elements to have their half lives keep the cores liquid for billions of years and are in the habitable zone of their star have the opportunity for intelligent life. For instance Mars was short of these nuclear heavy elements so the liquid core was reduced and most of the molten core has solidified as to loose its magnetic field. When the magnetic field is gone so goes most of the atmosphere liquid water etc. because of the solar wind.

8.   When you recalculate the masses of of the objects in the solar system they balance. The trillions of objects in the Main Asteroid Belt, Kuiper belt and Oort cloud comprising about half of the solar system are interesting to calculate. These objects including Pluto, Charon and others even larger without molten cores and magnetic fields are randomly scattered in orbits not adhering to a one plane concentration. Therefore, collisions between these objects is often and therefore, many with reduced speed do not maintain orbit and slowly fall inward toward the sun. Many of these objects encounter the gravities of the gas giants and are collected by them. Many of the Oort cloud objects are water ice and have contributed to the composition of all planets and their moons. Only the objects with sufficient magnetic fields have kept these gasses and liquid water.

*    Graphs and pictures below are from NASA

 The following table lists statistical information for the Sun and planets: More information is available by going to their links. Again as with the sun I believe it is less than half of the mass of the solar system not 98% as stated. Also the computations of the mass of the outer planets does not take into calculation the fact that a portion of half of the mass of the solar system is closer to the in the Kuiper Belt and Oort cloud.

# Moons Orbital
Obliquity Density
Sun 0 109 332,800 25-36* 9 --- --- --- 1.410
Mercury 0.39 0.38 0.05 58.8 0 7 0.2056 0.1 5.43
Venus 0.72 0.95 0.89 244 0 3.394 0.0068 177.4 5.25
Earth 1.0 1.00 1.00 1.00 1 0.000 0.0167 23.45 5.52
Mars 1.5 0.53 0.11 1.029 2 1.850 0.0934 25.19 3.95
Jupiter 5.2 11 318 0.411 16 1.308 0.0483 3.12 1.33
Saturn 9.5 9 95 0.428 18 2.488 0.0560 26.73 0.69
Uranus 19.2 4 17 0.748 15 0.774 0.0461 97.86 1.29
Neptune 30.1 4 17 0.802 8 1.774 0.0097 29.56 1.64
Pluto 39.5 0.18 0.002 0.267 1 17.15 0.2482 119.6 2.03

Planetary Magnetic Fields, Length of day, and diameter.

Solar system statistics

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