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The big bang theory is correct but we did not come from a singularity. Our 13.7 billion year old system is just one of many such systems. These systems are 30 to 50 billion light years apart or more and as these systems grow older and expand their galaxies become mostly just black holes. There are a few stars that escape and that is why we have some stars over 13.7 billion years old in our universe and have entered since the big bang. There are still some galaxies in these very old universes with some stars burning. These black holes are being drawn toward the center of our universe which is seen as the collective center of gravity of the expanding galaxies in our local universe. 90% of the expanding areas of the 50 billion year old universes are very large super massive black holes of dead galaxies. These super massive black holes having consumed everything available and are dormant. The gravitational aspects between these objects is at a distance beyond the point of exchanging light but exchange gravitational pull. Gravitational influences are thought of as the weaker one of the forces but I am sure they are one of the stronger and they have the ability to exchange influences beyond the distance of the exchange of light. Some of the black matter is gravitational pull from these black holes from other universes that are inbound other black matter is the gravitational influence from where the objects are now not just where they appear to be because of light bending influences billions of years old signifying their positions. If we consider that our 13.7 billion year old universe is surrounded closely by 10 more about whose centers of their universes are 30 to 50 billion light years or more from us the mass of their galaxy size black holes coming toward us is greater than the collective mass of our universe. Much of our universes mass will collide with these black holes and return to our collective center. Some of our universes mass will wind up at their Universes Big Bangs center. It takes a certain amount of mass to create a big bang. Everything that has not gone to the center when it expands (controlled big bang) survives as the new universe begins and feeds on some of the reactions of this still incoming material to start the new big bangs expanding materials reactions without the universe having to wait for hundreds of millions of years for these reaction cycles to start independently. Much of the material after the big bang seems to expand very rapidly and wind up in places faster than the speed of light. The big bang is the only time in the universe process that gravity is stopped and at that time, time has stopped. (no pun intended)  When time has stopped the expansion of material is not bound by a reference to the speed of light.

The big bang as it is called is a controlled expansion. For example quarks are more than 99.999% energy so they can pass through everything including black holes. When one is stopped by the collective pressure of a 500 billion galaxy size black hole core the one that is finally stopped and turns to a mass object causes a compressive shock wave around it. This expanding shock wave creates pressure for a controlled expansion. This wave of quark energy mass conversion travels outward through this 500 billion plus super massive black hole mass. This is an expanding ever growing ballooning wave of energy. This conversion to mass and back again travels out as an ever growing ballooning type wave, starting with one and turning to an almost incalculable number in less than a billionth of a second. Picture this, quarks that occupy almost no space as almost pure energy turning into objects that are all mass. Another anomaly that takes place only in a Big Bang is the ceasing of and conversion of gravity; therefore, the Big Bangs expansion has no attractive force and with the ceasing of time no speed limit. It also has no hot spots or irregularities like the ones associated with a chemical explosion.

 The sun has an almost 22 year polarity change cycle because as a fluid it is uniform enough to be predictable. The earth on the other hand only sets its polarities by the creation of plates as in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The only other way it sets the polarities on the hard surface is during an eruption when the magma takes on the existing polarity. This surface polarity having the same polarity as the center then eventually sets up a repulsion of the similar unique poles in the same area. These center strong fluid poles then repel the poles on the surface. When this repulsion is joined with the repulsion of the rest of the solar system vortexes similar to tornados occur in the center core. When aided sufficiently by the other forces these tornados of opposing polarities force overcome the existing polarity of the planet reversing them. This causes instability in the rotational axis.

I have different ideas than most feeling that the sun is about 48 % of the mass of our solar system not 98%, the largest portion of unaccounted for mass is in the Kuiper belt and Oort cloud. The mass in these areas are great enough that when it feeds the sun over the next 5 billion years or so, the increasing mass and size of the sun makes the hydrogen helium outer surface layer so thin that its fission cycle is not enough to keep the fusion part of the surface cycle going. The explosive force of the fission outer layer compresses the sun. When this fission fusion reaction system becomes thin enough it no longer compresses the sun and the sun grows to become a red giant. This compression of the sun causes its movements of the inner portion. The varying thickness of the outer layer causes most of the anomalies on the sun. When the outer fission layer is thin in an area the sun spot erupt from the pressure of the inner layers. The sun if the fission outer surface was removed would immediately become a red Giant. It is the enormous pressure caused by the fission on the outer surface that keeps the sun compressed. Particles in the Kuiper belt or Oort Cloud will strike each other and with the change of direction, reduction of speed and sometimes change of mass fall toward the sun at the center. Eventually this added mass to the sun makes the Hydrogen helium fission fusion reaction to thin to maintain the compression of the sun.

An oversimplified description of the forming of the solar system occurs when a sufficient clouds of material and particles come together from other exploding stars. The lighter particles with less mass moving slower congregate first and move to the center of this mass formation. Then incoming heavier particles move to the center of this mass. When the center of the mass has enough nuclear material it ignites the mass starting the fission fusion reaction on the surface with the lightest elements.

The beginning of the planets etc forms about the same time.

Hz khz mhz ghz thz plus much moore exahz gamma rays and much higher

SI multiples for hertz (Hz)









10−1 Hz



101 Hz



10−2 Hz



102 Hz



10−3 Hz



103 Hz



10−6 Hz



106 Hz



10−9 Hz



109 Hz



10−12 Hz



1012 Hz



10−15 Hz



1015 Hz



10−18 Hz



1018 Hz



10−21 Hz



1021 Hz



10−24 Hz



1024 Hz



Common prefixed units are in bold face.

[edit] Frequencies not expressed in hertz

Even higher frequencies are believed to occur naturally, in the frequencies of the quantum-mechanical wave functions of high-energy (or, equivalently, massive) particles, although these are not directly observable, and must be inferred from their interactions with other phenomena. For practical reasons, these are typically not expressed in hertz, but in terms of the equivalent quantum energy, which is proportional to the frequency by the factor of Planck's constant.

Gravity functions faster than the speed of light. The Black holes headed our way from other big bangs are attracting our galaxies and mass in this big bang causing our system to expand more rapidly before they could be visually detected by each other.

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