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Multiple Universes; Therefore, Multiple Big Bangs is what makes sense.

Many of the unexplainable phenomena fit this model.

The theory of just one Big Bang system 13.7 billion years ago appears invalid. Here are some anomalies that are better unanswered with the expanded concept.

1.      There are stars in our universe that appear to be over 13.7 billion years old.

2.      There is a very large influence of matter that is classified as black matter because it can not be seen.

3.            The Universe involved in the big bang is expanding faster now than before and the expansion is accelerating.

These anomalies are explainable if you consider the universe as larger than previously thought. Our universe as we know it, is visible because the matter is expanding from a more central point. Much of what we see is not as it is today or where it is today. Much is classified as 100 or more million light years away. Therefore we are seeing it as it was where it was in times past. Much of what we see in locations where we see it does not exist anymore because it has past its life cycle. A star of the size we would expect to last 1 billion years that is 1 billion light years away would not still exist. Gravities influence thought to be the smallest of the natural forces, is not because its influence is felt between heavenly bodies far enough apart that the light from both sources would not have arrived to each other. Gravity is an inexhaustible energy that exists with mass. The only time gravity does not exist is during the Big Bang event. 

As hard as it is to conceive I believe space is boundary less and therefore a countless multitude of big bang areas exist and there masses and influences on each other would be incomprehensible. A galaxy from a dying universe most probably will be consumed by its black hole. Not having enough mass to create its own big bang it would then travel outward. This GBH Galaxy Black Hole would have the mass of a galaxy. If the center of mass of that universes big bang started out say 50 billion light years away there could be millions of these GBH black holes headed our way. Since our universe is situated in a cluster of other universes we have these GBH black holes headed toward us from all directions. The light from all of these universes instead of emanating from the central point of our big bang for us to observe expanding from our central point is coming toward us and therefore, the light has not yet arrived. If something is expanding from the same central point you came from the columns of light are continuous. Stars on the other hand that are created in nurseries have new light at there birth so that light has the period of time of its distance at birth to arrive. Therefore there is a conglomerate of new Suns that gives us what we see but not the reality of what is in the universe at that moment. Stars and black holes to far away to see are having a gravitational influence on matter we can see and; therefore, black holes and black matter is everywhere. It is incoming and so far away we cannot see anything but its influences. Not mystical but a cold fact reality.

Some of the older that 13.5 billion year old stars that are among us are stars that were thrown free of their universes and have arrived solo. Many of these suns were far enough away but incoming so they were not molested by our Big Bang. Many of these other GBH Galaxy sized black holes that are arriving close to our expanding universe are accelerating the expanding mass from our universe. May of these incoming objects are in fact among us now. They would not be giveing off light or emanating energy because they have not yet collected new mass and energy. Being incoming their mass would not be easily detected because their influences would be in just deflecting the paths of light close to them. Their coming at us from our edge of the universe would be hard to detect except from the acceleration of our expansion. From the other side of our 13.7 billion year old universe they could be detected first through the bending of light as stars pass their column of influence. The lone black holes with this type of influence inside our galaxy may be moving toward the center of our big bang which would still be the central point of gravity for our expanding universe. Therefore much of the matter that causes our next big bang may be matter from another universe. Likewise much of our universe may not stop until it is part of another universes big bang.

How many loner black holes are in our midst and which way are they moving. Ninety five percent of those that are not expanding out with the expanding universe but are moving more toward the center of our last big bang are from another universe. Gravity is detectable where the object is now not where it appears to be. In other words the gravity of an object is from its present location not from the location as it appears to us thousands of years after the object has moved. We see an object in one location but if it is a thousand light years away it is no longer there. We sense the gravitational influence from where it is now but the light is delayed in reaching us for that thousand years.

Black matter is in fact billions of incoming black holes and galaxies from other Big Bangs. I think there is a great danger from being consumed by an incoming Black Hole. We will eventually be able to protect ourselves from meteors but an incoming Black Hole is another matter.


Just think each one of these few Big Bang cycles shown on a single plain here represents over 200 billion Galaxies a 3D representation of this would include 50 more Big Bang cycles all contributing Galaxies and Galaxy size Black Holes to our system. All of the Big Bang cycles in this picture are the same age. In reality the Big Bangs would be all ages many of them from more than 20 Billion light years away and would be passing GBH's through our area. My Mathematical calculations of this has more mass than triggered our last big bang already in our present Big Bang's expanding area. There will be many times the Mass of a Big Bang coming in or by our systems center. When enough mass collects in our center from other systems a new Big Bang will go off. There will still be billions of Galaxies from other systems headed our way to accelerate the reactions of our new Big Bang. One third more mass than is needed for a Big Bang is still incoming in when the new Big Bang triggers. None of our Big Bangs material contributes to our next Big Bang unless it is collected by an incoming mass. Therefore, 98% of our material will contribute a neighboring Big Bang. By the time of our next Big Bang we will have 5 times the mass necessary inside the area of our 30 Billion year old area of our still expanding universe.ALS als als disease als symptoms,
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